Certified 100% Bio olive trees cultivations

The blend obtained is an intense fruity oil, accompanied by medium notes of spicy and bitter

Milling and packaging for third parties.

Oleificio Ligorio

3 continuous cold pressing lines

Our product is an organic oil certified by Icea- Istituto Certificazione Etica e Ambiente REG. CE 834/07 e CE 889/08. CB Code IT BIO 006 PR 0849

Protected Quality Containers

It is important to protect the oil from light, heat and oxygen. The ideal is to place it in tin-plated metal containers, the so-called cans, to maintain the organoleptic qualities of the oil because of the lack of light.

This guarantees a longer storage time compared to other materials. They also have a low weight compared to glass (lower transport costs), they are more resistant and practically unbreakable, ideal for transport!

Extra virgin olive oil is our passion since three generations

Since three generations the “Oleificio Ligorio” has been producing with care, passion and experience extra virgin olive oil, essential food of the healthy Mediterranean diet. With the same love of its founder Giuseppe Ligorio, today his son Rocco impersonates the young evolution of our roots: "Our job is a very hard work, repaid by an extraordinary oil. An oil that better than anything else represents my territory and concretized my life "


3 impianti di spremitura a freddo

Oltre 50.000 quintali di olive all'anno

Le varietà

Le varietà di olive presenti sul territorio sono diverse, come ogliarola, leccina, coratina, frantoiana e biancolilla

I produttori

Sono centinaia le piccole e medie aziende agricole che ogni anno decidono di lavorare le proprie olive presso di noi, per ottenere un olio dalle proprietà uniche

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